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  • Welcome to All DOG Zen!!

    I am the WooFDriver, a Dog Adventurer who has developed a regiment to drive my Dogs passion by giving them opportunities to unleash their instinctual side which balances their fire to achieve the most complete and fulfilling lifestyle possible. With deep roots in the Martial Arts and an understanding of physical and psychological symmetry I’ve been inspired to forge this incredible bond with my Dogs and we pursue this lifestyle daily! Dog Zen refers to the Balance we strive to achieve through physical and psychological stimulation which is then balanced with quality relaxation, rest, and downtime. On this page and throughout my websites you can find some of my training, philosophies, and advice delivered through the music, pictures, and videos.

  • PAWSe In Your Lives

    PAWSe (pause) refers to the time we all NEED to unwind, relax, and distress ourselves. At these important times our bodies can HEAL and our minds can EMPTY to rejuvenate ourselves to Live and Propel our Lives to the fullest extent. Animals are very aware of the importance to PAWSe (pause) just watch them as they absorb a moment outside listening, observing, and smelling their surroundings. In our modern day world it is increasingly challenging for us humans and even our Dogs to find the proper ways to release the tension that can plague us. Meditation offers a way to do this. Through my Martial Arts experience and many of years studying Meditation I have learned the benefits and many ways to Meditate. Realizing this importance, I have created my WooFDreams Meditation Music Series. This is to comfort our Dogs to achieve their maximum tranquility and for them to get in on the stress release that can be achieved in the right environment.

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    The name is Wolf (for the Dog), Man (for Mankind), and Chi (for the inner Energies) Man and Canine hold. With my WolfManChi Philosophy I am trying to combine these energies so we can Harmonize or relationship with our Dog and propel it to another Dimension. Almost all of my beliefs are based upon Yin & Yang which to me signifies Balance. I try to apply this to my Dog Lifestyle.

    Again because of my Martial Arts Training I have learned there are deep intellectual and spiritual aspects of Life that are sometimes very obscure but extremely instrumental keys, at least for me, to understanding and improving my life’s journey. I have become so interested, that in addition to my Martial Arts Training, that I have spent time studying breathing techniques and extensive massage therapy to increase my knowledge and learn as much as I can about my body and mind especially in pursuit of inner energies and power.

  • This section is focused on canines that make an impact on people’s lives in a different way than your average household pet. These article discuss the healing aspects of Man’s Best Friend.

    From Seeing Eye Dogs to Assisted Living Dogs, pet therapy is a growing techniques in modern medicine today. In this section you will find all the revolutionary methods that physical therapists are using today to help people overcome disability and disease. Our own personal in-house expert will provide you with information about the conditions service dogs can help overcome, different types of physical and mental therapies dogs can provide, offer advice on how owning a therapy dog can benefit a particular condition, answer any questions you might have about therapy animals, and more.

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  • Guided DOG Meditations?

    A Guided Meditation for us humans is when someone well versed in Meditation will talk and guide you through a Meditative Experience, to help you learn to do it on your own as well as to provide another way to experience Meditation. Guided Meditations are a wonderful way to really focus your breathing and empty your mind to make it available for so many other finds. I have collaborated my expertise with professional Meditation and Spiritual Practitioners to assemble Guided Meditations for Dogs!! These are truly remarkable providing a soothing and relaxing experience. Though all the words along theses Guided Dog Meditations may not be fully understood by the Dog, the vocal tones of the Guides and the tranquil sounds of the nature and/or music that accompany them with create a comforting time that can promote healing, rest, and security. You can hear and experience much of the PAWSe and Guided PAWSe (Guided Meditations) on the WooFSpirit and WolFManChi Radio Stations Below

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Ask the Pet Therapy Expert

Types of Dog Meditative Music

There are several different types of mediational music that can calm and inspire you and your dog

Homeopathic Remedies

Natural Remedies that can help your dog
with common ailments

Like humans, animals can suffer from many of the same ailments. Some are minor injuries that will heal quickly, and other ailments will take more patience and reconditioning to heal correctly. As we all hate to see our animals suffering for any reason there are some natural remedies that we can give them to help them along their road to recovery.

As with all natural and homeopathic remedies you will need to be cautious, you should always consult a veterinarian if you suspect that any condition is getting worse or could be detrimental to your dog’s health. With pets it can be hard to identify when they are in pain or if a condition is getting worse because they can’t tell us they are feeling ill. This is why you need to be cautious when using herbal remedies for life threatening illnesses.

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