♦ Devotion & Optimism

WooFDriver is the nickname of animal advocate, Bill Helman, who has devoted his life to dogs. As a serial optimist, he is on a quest to help people make positive changes in their lives and the lives of their dogs so that all can honor their personal paths towards peace and joy.

♦ Respect

Bill is a student of martial art–specifically Tae Kwon Do–and has a deep respect for all life. His commitment to this is best illustrated by his dedication to his dogs. 

♦ Balance

Bill has spent many years learning and living the principles of Yin and Yang. It is his belief that balance is one of the most important aspects of living a good and contented life, and he incorporates balance into both his life and the lives of his dogs.

♦ Peace & Tranquility

One way Bill creates balance is through meditation and music. He hopes that by sharing his music and meditations with you and your dogs, he can help you find your inner peace. 

♦ Honor

All Dog Zen honors your path to balance and tranquility. He hopes you will join him on the quest to personal enlightenment.