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dog can't pee

Homeopathic remedies for cystitis in dogs

Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder. It is commonly referred as urinary tract infection (UTI) or lower urinary tract disease (LUTD). You will notice that your dog tries to urinate and only a few drops might come out and there may be some blood in the urine. Your dog may start to urinate in odd places; there might be pain and straining. Fever and infection are rare with cystitis. If there is complete obstruction, your dog vomits or becomes lethargic, you need to see the veterinarian immediately.
Possible causes are sudden exposure to cold, a bacterial infection or urinary sediment or calculi (stone formation) that irritate the lining of the bladder due to cereal based commercial foods.
If there is not complete obstruction and the dog’s energy is still good, you may try the following remedies:
Aconitum napellus 30C
Begin suddenly after exposure to cold or fright, primary complaint is frequent attempts to urinate, happens all of a sudden
Apis mellifica 30C
Burning sensation mostly at the end of urination, dog is not thirsty, animal feels better with cold and worse with warmth, indifference, urine may be dark colored
Cantharis 30C
Main symptoms are intense pain and straining, bloody urine, animal may cry out, only a few drops come out
Lycopodium clavatum 30C
Main symptom is digestive upsets such as gas or diarrhea at the same time as urinary problem, dog retains urine, worse after 4pm or urination, might be red streaks of blood in the urine
Mercurius (corrosivus or vivus or solubilis) 6C
Symptoms: has diarrhea at the same time as straining to urinate, mucous or blood in the stool or urine, dog is irritable and restless, use Mercurius corrosivus for males and for females, use mercurius vivus or solubilis
Nux Vomica 30C
Main symptom:
Frequent urging to urinate with no success, may be blood in the urine, dog used antibiotics in the past for urinary infection, irritable, worse in the morning or in open air
Pulsatilla 30C
Remedy suggested more for females, involuntary urination, dog needs a lot of attention, used antibiotics in the past, very little urine comes out, blood and mucus in urine, worse when lying down, better with cold air
Sarsaparilla 30C
Main symptom: pain at the end of urination, dog may urinate standing instead of squatting down, happened because dog was exposed to damp or chilled weather
Thlaspi bursa pastoris 6C
Mostly used in chronic recurring cases of cystitis, tendency to phosphate crystals, this remedy might unblock urethral obstructions, the urine might look like brick dust, bloody urine
For all remedies above (use only one remedy at the time): start with every 30 minutes, if dog is better, lengthen the time between dosage, do not exceed 4 dosages in the same day.
Fast your dog on broth and boiled chicken (boneless, skinless) for 24 hours.

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