Hot Spots

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At-home Homeopathic Treatment for Hot Spots in Dogs

Hot spots are a skin condition caused by a bacterial infection and an underactive immune system. This disease takes time to heal and can easily spread. There is intense skin inflammation and pain. The sore might be red and the skin itchy. If the sore becomes infected, there will be a strong unpleasant odor with green discharge. The dog scratches so much that the hair falls out.

Apis mellifica

There is swelling and the sore looks red and white. It is very sensitive. Dog is not thirsty.

Rhus toxicodendron

The main symptom is intense itching, the skin is thick, and dog might be agitated. Heat lessens the condition while coldness will make worse.


Use this remedy if the condition flares up suddenly and with intensity. The sore is red and there is heat. The dog is very irritated and agitated. Very thirsty.


The main symptom is a yellowish cream colored discharge is present. The dog is usually overweight. Heat will worsen the condition.

Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum

The discharge has a very strong unpleasant smell. The sore is very painful and dog might be aggressive. Heat will make the condition better.

Mercuris (vivus or solubilis)

Infected ulceration with a yellow or greenish discharge. The lymph nodes might be swollen. The sore will bleed and the hair will fall out. Use mercurius corrosivus if the dog is male and vivus or solubilis if the dog is female.

Nitric acid

Very ulcerated sore that bleeds and painful. Cold makes it worse and heat will lessen the condition. Dog might be violent.
Use low potency in all the recommended remedies such as 6C or 6X. Use one remedy at a time. Give 1 dose about 4 hours apart for a maximum of 3 doses in the day. Give a one day treatment only. If you see no positive changes, try another remedy.

External remedy spray for hot spot

Mix 3 pills of each remedy silica 6X, calcarea phosphorica 6X and calcarea sulphurica 6X in one quart of distilled water. Let pills dissolve and shake bottle. Spray directly on sore 2-3 times a day. Make a fresh batch every day.

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