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Homeopathic treatment for hypothyroidism in dogs

The thyroid gland looks like a butterfly that spreads out on each side of the windpipe on the front part of the neck. A decreased function is called hypothyroidism. It is more common in dogs and rarely seen in cats. Cats suffer more from hyperthyroidism.
The symptoms of underactive thyroid include: slow heart rate, overweight dogs, dull coat, loss of fur, coldness, infections and mental slowness. Many causes affect the thyroid such as genetics, poor nutrition (high carbs), hyperactive immune system that destroys physically the gland, toxins and over vaccination.
The thyroid gland helps stabilize the usage of food, body temperature, body weight, hair growth and releases important hormones into the blood which affect every cell in the body.
Homeopathic remedies for hypothyroid
Calcerea iodata 30c
Main symptoms: gland is inflamed, hard, hormonal imbalances, hair falls out, younger dogs, always hungry, worse in hot rooms.
Graphites 30c
Main symptoms: skin disorders, swollen lymph glands, coldness, overweight, tiredness, thick skin, dry hair, worse in heat.
Kali iodatum 30C
Main symptoms: sinus and allergy congestion, mucus, swollen gland, anxious, eyes or nose discharge, worse from heat and damp weather.
Spongia tosta 30c
Main symptoms: swollen or enlargement of the thyroid gland and/or lymph glands, goiter
Thyroidinum 6c to 12c
Mains symptoms: muscular weakness and trembling, coldness, overweight, loss of hair, dry skin, heart palpitation, tiredness
Flor de Piedra 30C
Main symptoms: This remedy has a direct affinity with the thyroid gland, especially in dogs. Use a higher potency (200c) for the thyroid gland.
Iodum 30C
Main symptoms: for hypothyroid or hyperthyroid, a useful thyroid gland remedy, dog will often have opposite symptoms, for example, diarrhea and constipation, lack of appetite with a big appetite.
Dosage: give one dose a day, cut dosing as dog’s symptoms improve. For example, give one dose every two day then every three days. If your dog is on medication, he needs regular blood test.
If your dog is taking thyroid medication
Take note that when giving homeopathic remedies at the same time as prescription medication, the dog should be closely followed by a veterinarian. With successful treatment, the thyroid gland will become stronger and the medication might be too strong and needs to be cut down. Only a veterinarian can confirm this with blood tests.
Nutritional advice
A natural pure diet is recommended. Free of wheat and fluoride found in city tap water.
Adding kelp to your dog’s food will help support the thyroid gland. Glandular supplement is highly recommended at the same time as homeopathic remedies and proper nutrition.

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