Sprains and Strains

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Homeopathic remedies for a sprain or strain in a dog

A dog might suffer from a sprain or strain, especially working dogs due to high physical training and activity. Sprains and strains are either acute or chronic injuries. Acute means it just happened and a chronic injury occurs over time due to repeating the same movements.
A sprain is a stretched or torn ligament that ends up causing pain and inflammation. This happens when a joint is forced beyond the normal range of motion.
A strain is a stretched or torn muscle and/or tendon. This happens when the muscle is stretched and contracts suddenly. It often occurs due to overuse or repetitive movements.
In both cases, there might be swelling, tenderness, joint instability, pain and heat.
Homeopathic remedies for sprains and strains
Arnica Montana 30C
For acute pain, bruising, heat and inflammation, give every two hours for a maximum of three doses in the same day. To reduce initial swelling, rub some arnica ointment, cream or lotion in addition to oral homeopathic remedy. Never apply arnica on an open wound, cuts or scratches.
After using arnica, if the tendon, ligaments and joint capsule are affected, administer ruta grav up to four doses in a day.
RHUS TOX 30C or 200C
After using arnica, if muscle is torn, swollen or hot, use this remedy up to 4 doses a day. This remedy is to reduce pain and the inflammation and is the remedy of choice if there is extensive swelling. Use if the muscle, fascia and tendon sheaths are affected. Give every two hours for a maximum of three doses in the same day.
Bellis Perennis 6C or 30C
For a sprain or strain that there is bruised tissue. Muscle stiffness is the main symptom. Give every two hours for a maximum of three doses in the same day.
Calcarea fluorica 30C
For chronic sprains and strains. The main symptoms are bone and connective tissue lesions, bony growth or spurs. Dosage: give one dose every day for a month.

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