Meditational Music

Meditational Music

People use music for meditation, relaxation, and emotional and physical healing all the time. Music has been shown to reduce heart rate, blood pressure, pain and cortisol levels in humans. But did you know it has also been proven to have calming effects on our canine friends?


Do you have a new puppy who is acclimating to a new home, a dog who is upset by loud noises or who experiences separation anxiety? Do you want to connect with your dog on a deeper level?


These meditational music tracks are a great way to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul for both you and your dog.


The guitar is such a diverse instrument and the best musicians can really make the strings sing. These Guitar Meditations are great to listen to when you want to feel relaxed, refreshed and refocused. They are another joyful way to comfort your dog and shield them from stimulating sounds so he or she can maximize downtime until it’s time for playtime with you once again!

Nature Blends

Soothing nature sounds combined with meditational music are another perfect way for relaxing, comforting, and shielding disruptive sounds from your hound. Nature can help humans and their canine companions enter an uninhibited tranquil state. Take your dog into the outdoors in the comfort of their own home and let him or her dream away.