Relaxing Aquarium

Aquarium Live Stream

A well-appointed aquarium with fish gliding around in the water can help reduce stress and anxiety, in turn providing many health benefits, including lowering blood pressure.


The decor and colors of the rocks and plants, as well as the fish and other marine wildlife you will find in this aquarium livestream,  will increase your feelings of relaxation while also decreasing tension throughout your body. The sound of the gurgling water is a good accompaniment to your meditation practice and valuable sleep aid. 


Science has shown that the aquarium’s hypnotic effects will help improve your mood, as well as your physical and mental well-being. 


Treat yourself to the gift of serenity with All Dog Zen’s aquarium livestream. 

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Bill “WooFDriver” Helman has been a lifelong aquarium hobbyist and expert, starting in his earliest days with guppies and goldfish. He was also the proprietor of his own fresh and saltwater aquarium superstore called Wet Pet Zoopermarket in Reisterstown, MD.



Today, Bill is still involved in this field as a hobbyist who enjoys the soothing comfort of his large fish family. Here you will find a live stream into one of Bill’s own aquariums. See his diverse assortment of fish ranging from shark-like catfish to beautiful discus, tetras, clown loaches, and many other freshwater varieties of tropical fish.