Way of the Wolf

The Way of the Wolf is a glimpse into the realizations Bill “WooFDriver” Helman has had with his dogs, which he has come to think of as enlightenment, and includes insights from his Martial Arts training.
A Martial Artist for almost 30 years, as a teacher, competitor, and student, Bill has found that many Martial Arts techniques are based upon animal movements and poses.


Head – Instinct
Mouth – Expression
Nose – Knowledge
Tail – Triangle Of Balance
Hind – Relax
Ears – Radar
Neck – Grounding
Eyes – Focus
Under Body – Healing
Paws – Power
Shoulders – Control


Like Chakras which are used to describe and identify human energy centers, I have created a reference to similarly explain the energy and core dogs. Understanding these instinctual energies are essential in training, communicating, and relating to them.


To learn more about Bill’s Martial Arts involvement including an App (smartphone program) he created, visit  www.TaeVerge.com


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