Rejuvenating our bodies and minds through relaxation is essential for good overall health. 

When we are stressed we compromise all of our bodily systems. Chronic stress can lead to pain, depression, anxiety, intestinal problems, unhealthy changes in behavior, and more. 

♦ Just like humans, our dogs’ health can be compromised by stress as well. 

Some common causes of stress in dogs include:
•Loud noises like thunderstorms and fireworks • Changes in routine • Changes in residence • When a member of its ‘pack’ leaves or shows up (A dog’s pack includes both people (new babies) and other animals.) • Traveling • Being alone • And more! 

♦ Luckily, dogs are pretty good about showing us how they feel. 

Some common signs of stress in dogs include: 
•Barking, Whining, Whimpering, Growling • Changes in food intake and bathroom behavior • Changes in normal tail position • Licking & Scratching • Excessive drooling • And more! 

♦ Thankfully, there are ways for both humans & dogs to relieve the stresses of everyday life. 

It is well-documented that music & meditation help to relieve stress in people. Did you know these same techniques can help your dog, too?

♦ That’s right, we can find our inner peace together! 

People and their pets feed off one another. Balancing our moods will strengthen our bond. Our dogs bring us joy, but they can also help us relax. There is nothing quite like the unconditional love of a dog. There are immense health outcomes to be gained from spending time with our dogs. Touching and petting our dogs, connecting socially with them, and the companionship they provide have shown to have positive effects on our immune, heart, and mental health. 

♦ These tools will help strengthen your bond with your dog. 

Explore how ALL DOG ZEN can help guide you and your dog onto a path of health, healing, and relaxation. Here you will find a wealth of guided meditations and relaxation music produced specifically with you and your dog in mind.

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